Launch of the New SW5500 Flavors

The highly popular Mr Fog SW5500 is set to introduce a new series of flavors, promising an unprecedented feast for the senses that will delight every Mr Fog user with each inhale.

The SW5500 is a disposable product with 5500 puffs and a Mesh coil, launched by Mr Fog in 2022. Since its release, the SW5500 has shipped over 40 million units worldwide, becoming one of Mr Fog’s best-selling products. It continues to enjoy immense popularity among its countless fans.

The release of the new SW5500 flavors not only upholds this legacy but also introduces revolutionary upgrades that set new trends and provide an extraordinary taste experience.

Grape Ice: Blending the fresh essence of grapes, this flavor transports you to a pristine forest kissed by morning dew. Each inhale is a heartfelt embrace of nature, bringing tranquility and purity even in a bustling city.

Watermelon Ice: Combining the essence of the sweetest watermelons with the refreshing feel of a summer breeze, this flavor offers a layered and delightful experience. It not only awakens memories but also lets your heart dance to its vibrant taste.

Blue Raspberry Ice: The unique fragrance of blue raspberries intertwined with ice creates a dreamy and elegant atmosphere. This flavor is not just a taste but a romantic and fantastical journey that leaves you enchanted.

Tango Mango: Rich mango fused with the fiery energy of tango releases a burst of intense flavor like a volcanic eruption. This flavor challenges your taste buds and delivers an unparalleled sense of passion and heat.

Each flavor is a unique adventure, and each breath is a curious exploration of an unknown world. The launch of the new SW5500 flavors continues the classic legacy of this enduring product, offering consumers the simplest and purest taste experience amidst the hustle and bustle.

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