MR FOG’s Products Received a Warm Welcome at Dubai World Vape Show 2024

MR FOG’s products were hotly anticipated at the Dubai World Vape Show, June 12-14, 2024. It is reported that the annual World Vape Show is the most influential exhibition in the Middle East, attracting vape brands, distributors and consumers from all over the world every year. MR FOG brought its star product SW15000, which is popular all over the U.S., as well as a number of other new products to appear in the show, which was warmly welcomed and unanimously praised by the participants of the show.

As a brand that has achieved excellent results in the U.S. market, MR FOG presented its latest technological achievements to the fullest at the exhibition. This not only reflects the MR FOG team’s keen insight into industry trends, but also lets show participants feel the power of MR FOG innovation.

Since its launch in February this year, SW15000 has become a star device in the U.S. market in a very short time by virtue of its excellent vaping experience and highly recognizable appearance. In addition, MR FOG also displayed classic series products such as SW5500, SW600, MA8500, MA600 and brand new products such as FLUX and LOADED. Among them, FLUX is MR FOG’s first closed -pod-system product, while LOADED is the first 4-in-1 product innovatively developed by MR FOG, which became the center of attention with its technological innovation.

At the same time, MR FOG also introduced nicotine pouches and E-liquid at the show. MR FOG’s E-liquid have always been the top sellers in the market, and their unique flavors have been the secret to their long-term popularity.

The warm welcome of MR FOG products at the World Vape Show represents that MR FOG will open up new horizons in the Middle East market and bring a different product experience to Middle East consumers.

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