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1.What makes MR FOG different?

Created by a group of people who really love e-cigarettes, the foothold of all ideas is the user’s experience, always different, always innovative, always persistent, and the paranoia of the smoking experience makes our products unique in the market. If you have experienced our products, you will believe that there are only two types of e-cigarettes on the market, one is MR FOG’s e-cigarette and one is other brands of e-cigarette.

You can go to authorized e-cigarette stores or other retail stores to buy, you can also register an account on the official website to the official mall to see if it can be sold to your area.

You can contact us through the email on the official website, and we will have relevant departments to contact you and give guidance.

Our products are generally made up of mainly five categories of raw materials.They are PG(propylene glycol), VG(vegetable glycerin, also known as glycerol), flavor, nicotine, and taste improvement additives which will undergo strict composition detection and quality detection before shipment.The ingredients of our vapes are strictly controlled, they are within the qualified range of vapes, and do not contain any ingredients harmful to the human body, please rest assured.

The date of the box is the production date.The product is valid for 1-2 years.

We recommend that you use a safe charging cable to charge the device and disconnect it immediately after it is fully charged. Please do not overcharge the device.

We will deliver the goods within 1-2 days after receiving your order. For specific logistics information, you can find the logistics tracking number on the order page to check the logistics progress.

Please pay more attention to our online store, we will offer discount activities from time to time.

We provide 14 days after-sales service for customers who purchase Disposable products on the online store.

In order to obtain warranty service, it is recommended that buyers follow the following steps:
Please keep your purchase receipt or other proof of purchase, contact the customer service team of the online retailer (trading partner) from which you purchased the equipment to obtain warranty service, and please provide the most detailed details of the fault experience as possible to ensure that the service is fast and effective. Or you can contact MR FOG official email ([email protected]) for after-sales service.

MR FOG sees the fight against unauthorized products and counterfeit products as a long-term commitment to quality and service. In order to ensure that you are buying genuine products, please only purchase from the official mall or official authorized dealers.