Updated March 1, 2024

MR FOG strongly supports efforts to prevent youth access to vaping products and MR FOG embraces marketing restrictions and guidelines that will reduce youth exposure to the marketing and promotion of all vaping products.

At the same time, MR FOG is committed to ensuring that adult smokers have equal access to truthful and factual information about vaping products, as well as a wide array of vaping products.

MR FOG has adopted the following core principles:

1. Our products are intended as a nicotine alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers and existing vapers only.

2. Our products should not be marketed to anyone who is under 21 years of age.

3. Our products should not be sold to or used by anyone who is not at least 21 years of age.

The marketing of MR FOG products is governed by the following standards:

1. Products shall not be marketed through the use of cartoons, cartoon imagery, anime or other designs that are attractive to young people or associated with youth culture.

2. Products shall not be marketed in any way that mimics trademarks, trade dress or branding of other products that are commonly marketed to young people or associated with youth culture.

3. While our advertising may encourage people to switch away from cigarettes, our products shall not be marketed as a smoking cessation device.

4. Products shall not be marketed as providing a therapeutic benefit, as being safe or healthy for consumers, or as products which do not produce secondhand health effects.

5. Product labels shall accurately reflect the ingredients contained in each product and marketing communications shall clearly state if the product contains nicotine.

6. Our marketing shall be directed towards those who are current users of cigarettes and should not be designed to encourage non-smokers to start using vaping products.

7. No health professionals shall be used in any marketing to endorse, either directly or indirectly, our products.

8. Any print advertisements shall be responsibly restricted to channels and publications for which the demographic is adult (21+).

9. Any event marketing or sponsorship shall be responsibly restricted to events for which the demographic is adult (21+).


Regulatory Compliance Team

At MR FOG, we maintain an unwavering commitment to legal compliance and the protection of minors across all jurisdictions where we operate. Our Regulatory Compliance Team, led by the CEO, is dedicated to ensuring strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations governing product marketing, sales, and distribution, particularly those concerning age restrictions.

We employ robust measures to prevent underage access to our products, including stringent age verification processes for online sales and strict enforcement of age restrictions at physical retail locations. Furthermore, our compliance team continuously monitors regulatory developments to promptly adapt our policies and procedures to evolving legal requirements

We encourage every adult vape user not to use vape in public places or in front of minors under the age of 21.
Mystery Customer Program

At MR FOG, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers is paramount. To further strengthen our commitment to quality service, we are introducing the MR FOG Mystery Customer Program.

Key Components of the Initiative:

● Engagement of Undercover Customers: Our Regulatory Compliance Team is tasked with recruiting authentic consumers to act as Mystery Customers. They will visit both online and offline stores or websites to purchase MR FOG products. If any store or website fails to conduct age verification as required, the information will be reported back to our Regulatory Compliance Team.

● Inspection Frequency: Mystery Customers will randomly inspect two online websites and three offline stores within a quarter at any given time.

Why It Matters:

This initiative is designed to ensure that our products are only accessible to appropriate-age consumers, fostering a shopping environment that is safe and trustworthy. We are committed to taking strict actions, including ceasing cooperation with stores or websites found to be non-compliant with age verification requirements.