Warranty Terms & Conditions

Updated March 1, 2024

MR FOG is committed to optimizing our products through continuous innovation. We strongly believe that consumers deserve better products, technology and service.

This after-sales policy has been developed to protect the rights of all our customers. Our after sales policy is also divided into different categories for the convenience of our customers.

Product Item Warranty Period
Disposable Vape Device Within 14 days from the date of purchase
Open-System Vape Device Within 90 days from the date of purchase
Empty pod No Warranty
Close-system Vape Device Within 90 days from the date of purchase
Pre-filled pod Within 14 days from the date of purchase
Consumables Coils No Warranty
E-liquid No Warranty

1. How do I get after-sales service?

After-sales service will be provided in the following forms:

Purchase from offline store:
– Please keep the proof of purchase and contact the store where you purchased the product for after-sales service.

– If your after-sales request cannot be handled in store, you can contact our professional after-sales team to resolve it for you ([email protected]).
We also recommend that you please unpack and check that the product is in good condition before purchasing in order to minimize unnecessary problems.

Purchase from official online store:
Please contact our professional after-sales team directly to solve your problem. We will try our best to solve your product problems. However, we do not service products that have been artificially damaged or do not belong to MRFOG.

2. What proof is required?

You will need to provide the following proofs to obtain after-sales service. If one of these certificates is missing, after-sales service may be refused.

– Proof of purchase (store receipt)
– Pictures or videos of damaged products
– Scratch-off code (scratch the area to get a 20-digit Scratch-off code)

3. Warm tips:

1.To protect your rights and interests, please check the product carefully when you buy it in the store. Disposable products are recommended that you open the packaging experience. Make sure the product can be used normally.

2. For disposable products, the number of mouthfuls or taste feeling problem is not a quality problem, not in the warranty.

3. Please fill in the correct and double-check the receipt information, if the information is wrong, it will lead to you can not receive the product.

4. If it is a rechargeable product, please pay attention to the use of qualified charging equipment for charging, please stop charging after full.