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Why my card has been charged multiple times? What do I do?

Your declined payment attempt can appear on your account as a pending transaction or pre-authorization.It’s just an on hold payment pre-authorization and was not captured. Your bank or card issuer will remove these pending transactions from your account within a few business days. These aren’t charges, but the funds won’t be available during this time. […]

I got my order incomplete | Incorrect items?

If you received an order shipped from that is damaged, incorrect, or incomplete, please contact customer support or open a ticket immediately to explain the problem with your order and to request a refund or replacement goods, you might be asked to send pictures of the package, shipping label and items received. Please allow […]

How can I track my order?

Once your order ships, you will receive a status change email with your tracking details. ( in case you didn’t get it, please allow 24 business hours before receiving your tracking details). Please note: your order confirmation email is sent immediately after your purchase, which is different from your change of status email. Your tracking […]