New Launch | MAX AIR series’ first rechargeable product – MA8500 Disposable

MR FOG is a distinctive electronic cigarette brand with a unique philosophy and commitment in product innovation. Each product launch embodies excellence, encapsulating the true essence of MR FOG’s ‘less is more’ product philosophy.

MR FOG gained widespread acclaim in 2021 with the launch of MA3000, which remains one of the best-selling products in the North American market to this day. Renowned as the ‘GUCCI of electronic cigarettes,’ this product has garnered a large base of loyal fans in the North American market, thanks to its fashionable design and unique flavors.

In the current North American electronic cigarette market, rechargeable products have become the mainstream. Although MR FOG introduced the rechargeable product SWITCH 5500 in 2022, the immensely popular Max Air series remained unchanged until recently when the first rechargeable high-capacity product, MR FOG Max Air MA8500, was launched.

MA8500 continues the classic design of MA3000, boasting high recognition. Beyond its rechargeable feature, the product’s hardware specifications meet the mainstream market standards. More importantly, in terms of flavor, MA8500 has reached an impressive height. After experiencing MA8500, leading North American reviewer Disorder Vapes remarked, “This is one of the best peachs I’ve tried in a while.

Diverging from the strategy of many other brands that simultaneously develop multiple products, MR FOG consistently focuses on refining its products, ensuring each one is a user-friendly classic. It is believed that MA8500 will become yet another enduring star product for MR FOG.

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