Protection of minors-MR FOG is always taking actions

Since its establishment, MR FOG has always put the protection of minors in the most important position, with practical actions to protect the health of minors.

MR FOG has set up an internal “Minors protection group” to implement the concept of minors protection into all aspects of business; The company makes it clear that the target users are adults, company draws up a complete protection plan for minors, clarifies the importance of the protection of minors, ensures that the company’s products are not advertised to minors, and does not allow any sales channels to sell products to minors.

MR FOG’s Minors Protection program mainly includes the following aspects:

1.The official website set a strict minor age verification procedure.

2.The company does not do any promotion to minors. we strictly abide by laws and regulations in product packaging, sales management and so on. Only 21 years old and above adults can follow MR FOG’s social      media.The Minors protection group will inspect the marketing activities of the Marketing Department from time to time to ensure the implementation of the protection program.

3.The company puts forward clear requirements with all dealers and sales channel operators to ensure that MR FOG’s customers also strictly abide by the minor protection program, and requires customers to comply with the protection program for lower-level distributors and terminal stores.

To protect minors, MR FOG has been acting in every way to ensure that the consumers of the company’s products are adult smokers; MR FOG is firmly opposed to the use of e-cigarettes by minors, and MR FOG encourages all adult e-cigarette users not to use e-cigarettes in front of minors. To ensure that minors stay away from e-cigarettes in business activities, as the basic strategy of MR FOG’s business operation, it is unswervingly implemented in all aspects of business.

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