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PURCHASED FROM lOCAL STORE is NOT responsible of any product purchased outside AND it Doesn’t replace or refund any item purchased outside
Products purchased at a retail store are subject to the retailer’s return policy. Please inquire with your retail store about their return policy brfore you purchase. Not all retailers accept returns. If you believe your device was defective refer to the seller where you purchased.


– Select the ticket type from the drop down list.
– Type in your order number and the issue in short words in the subject 
– In the description, tell us in details what is the issues you having, specify the items of the order which you have issue with. 
– Select the department and the products from the dropdown lists
– In the Attachments Upload a clear Pictures or video of:
       – Package side where the shipping label facing
       – Items you received 
       – Item leaking or defective itself

Avarage processing time is 12 business hours for some types of tickets, where thay take longer to process, depending on the kind of ticket.

Tickets Support team available Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.